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The JDO objectstore provides an implementation of the applib CommandService that persists the command data into a CommandJdo entity. This is mapped to an IsisCommand table.

This supports a number of use cases:

There are a further repository that can also be used:

Note that this service does not provide any infrastructure for executing background Commands (actions annotated with @Command(executeIn=BACKGROUND)). To execute these, configure the JDO implementation of the applib BackgroundCommandService.

Related services

This service is intended to be deployed in conjunction with the JDO implementation of the applib BackgroundCommandService, which provides the ability to persist "foreground" Commands also as CommandJdos (and to the same IsisCommand table.

Register the Service(s)

Register like any other service in,\

Assuming that you've also configured Isis to use the JDO objectstore, you should be good to go...