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The IsisJdoSupport service provides a number of general purpose methods for working with DataNucleus.

Executing arbitrary SQL

The executeSql(...) method allows arbitrary queries to be submitted:

List<Map<String, Object>> executeSql(String sql);

while executeUpdate(...) allows arbitrary updates to be performed.

Integer executeUpdate(String sql);

A common use of these is to setup fixture data for integration tests.

Fixture support

The deleteAll(...) method is provided pretty much exclusively for tearing down fixture data:

void deleteAll(Class<?>... pcClasses);

Reloading entities

A known limitation of DataNucleus' implementation of JDO is that persisting a child entity (in a 1:n bidirectional relationship) does not cause the parent's collection to be updated.

The refresh(T domainObject) method can be used to reload the parent object (or indeed any object).

For example:

public Order newOrder(final Customer customer) {
    Order order = newTransientInstance(Order.class);
    getContainer().flush(); // to database
    isisJdoSupport.refresh(customer); // reload parent from database
    return order;

Accessing the JDO PersistenceManager

Isis currently only supports JDO named queries. If you require more flexibility than this, eg for dynamically constructed queries, then the IsisJdoSupport interface can be used to obtain access to the underlying JDO PersistenceManager.

For example:

public List<Order> findOrders(...) {
    javax.jdo.PersistenceManager pm = isisJdoSupport.getPersistenceManager();

    // knock yourself out...

    return someListOfOrders;

Registering the Service

The implementation is IsisJdoSupportImpl. It is registered in as per usual: = ...\

In the domain entity or service, add:

private IsisJdoSupport isisJdoSupport;
public void injectIsisJdoSupport(IsisJdoSupport isisJdoSupport) {
    this.isisJdoSupport = isisJdoSupport;

or simply:

private IsisJdoSupport isisJdoSupport;

The service will then be automatically injected as normal.