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The JDO objectstore provides a simple implementation of the applib PublishingService that simply persists the event data into a PublishedEvent entity.

Along with the event data, the PublishedEvent also includes a status property with two values: QUEUED and PROCESSED. The service also acts as a repository to search for all unprocessed events.

The intention is for an event service bus (eg Apache ServiceMix) to poll for unprocessed events, either directly to the database, or using the Restful Objects API. Once processed, then the status can be updated.

Although a polling architecture introduces some overhead, it avoids the complexity of XA/JTA transactions which would otherwise be needed to ensure that events are only published atomically with committed changes to the database.

Configuration (v1.5.0 onwards)

The PublishedEvent entity can either persist the serialized form of the event as a zipped byte array or as a CLOB. Which is used is determined by a configuration setting (typically stored in, but can also be used):

# whether to persist the event data as a "clob" or as a "zipped" byte[]

If not specified, then "zipped" is the default.

Register the Service

Register like any other service in,\

Assuming that you've also configured Isis to use the JDO objectstore, you should be good to go...

Related projects

Dan Haywood's camel-isis-pubsubjdo project up on github shows how to poll and process the persisted PublishedEvent table using Apache Camel.