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The Wicket viewer provides a recent pages drop-down that acts as a breadcrumb trail. Using it, the user can quickly open a recently accessed domain object.


The following screenshot, taken from the Estatio application, shows the recent pages drop-down after a number of pages have been accessed.

(screenshot of v1.4.0)

Domain Code

The recent pages drop-down is automatically populated; no changes need to be made to the domain classes.

User Experience

Selecting the domain object from the list causes the viewer to automatically navigate to the page for the selected object.

Related functionality

The bookmarks (sliding panel) also provides links to recently visited objects, but only those explicitly marked as @Bookmarkable. In contrast to the recent pages drop-down, the bookmarks panel also nests related objects together hierarchically.


The number of objects is hard-coded as 10; it cannot currently be configured.