These are some general jottings on occasionally performed tasks by the PMC

ASF documents can be found here


Must be accessed via ssh.



and when prompted, provide passphrase for private key.

I've forgotten what I did to set this up in the first place, though :-(

LDAP Access (UNIX groups)

Whenever we get a new committer, the ASF LDAP entries must be maintained to grant access to our repos and various other 'karma'.

Log onto, then use: isis

to list committers isis

to list the PMC committee members (in Isis, every committer should be on the PMC committee)

To change membership of either the committers or the PMC, use: isis --add joebloggs isis --remove joebloggs

and gump --add joebloggs gump --remove joebloggs


Further details are in these ASF docs. (They talk about SVN access, but really it is LDAP access).