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The Apache Creadur project exists to provide a set of tools to ensure compliance with Apache's licensing standards. The main release auditing tool, Apache RAT, is used in the preparation of the release (as documented here). Creadur's remaining tools are to support the verification process.

At the time of writing, these additional tools are quite young and haven't been formally released; so to use them will take a little bit of work. In the future we expect these tools to mature and ease the effort required to verify releases.

Using the Tentacles tool

At the time of writing the Tentacles tool hasn't been released, so you'll need to build from source:

mkdir /tmp/verify
cd /tmp/verify
svn co creadur-tentacles
cd creadur-tentacles
mvn clean install

You can pull down a release, using a command such as:

cd /tmp/verify
java -jar creadur-tentacles/target/apache-tentacles-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

where NNN is the repository that has the staged artifacts requiring verification.

As per the tentacles documentation, this command generates a report called archives.html (in the newly created orgapacheisis-NNN directory). This lists all of the top-level binaires, their LICENSE and NOTICE files and any LICENSE and NOTICE files of any binaries they may contain.

Validation of the output at this point is all still manual. Things to check for include:

In this report, each binary will have three links listed after its name '(licenses, notices, contents)'