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How to validate user input for a property

Declarative validation

For properties that accept a text input string, such as String and Date, there are convenient mechanisms to validate and/or normalise the values typed in:

More complex validation can also be performed imperatively (below).

Imperative validation

A supporting validateXxx() method is used to check that a new value for a property is valid.

If the proffered value is deemed to be invalid then the property will not be changed. A non-null return String indicates the reason why the member cannot be modified/action be invoked; the framework is responsible for providing this feedback to the user.

The syntax is:

public String validatePropertyName(PropertyType param)

where PropertyType is the same type as that of the property itself.

For example:

public class Exam {
    public int getMark() { ... }
    public void setMark(int mark) { ... }
    public validateMark(int mark) {
        return !withinRange(mark)? "Mark must be in range 0 to 30":null;
    private boolean withinRange(int mark) { return mark >= 0 && mark <= 30; }