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How to specify a set of choices for a property

The simplest way to provide the user with a set of choices for a property (possibly rendered as a drop-down list, for example) is to ensure that the type used by the property is marked up as @Bounded .

However, this is not always appropriate. For example you might wish to provide the user with the choice of all the Addresses known for that Customer, with the most recently-used address as the default.

The syntax for specifying a list of choices is either:

public Collection<PropertyType> choicesPropertyName()

or alternatively

public PropertyType[] choicesPropertyName()

where PropertyType is the same type as that of the property itself. Any subtype of Collection may also be used.

For example:

public class Order {
    public Address getShippingAddress() { ... }
    public void setShippingAddress() { ... }
    public List<Address> choicesShippingAddress() {
        return getCustomer().allActiveAddresses();