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How to register domain services, repositories and factories

All domain services (which includes repositories and factories) should be registered in the configuration file, under the key (a comma-separated list).

For example: = com.mycompany.myapp.employee.Employees\,

This will then result in the framework instantiating a single instance of each of the services listed.

If all services reside under a common package, then the can specify this prefix: = com.mycompany.myapp = employee.Employees,\

This is quite rare, however; you will often want to use default implementations of domain services that are provided by the framework and so will not reside under this prefix.

Examples of framework-provided services (as defined in the applib) can be found referenced from the main documentation page. They include clock, auditing, publishing, exception handling, view model support, snapshots/mementos, and user/application settings management.