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We've prepared some screencasts to help you quickly see what Apache Isis has to offer.

Getting Started

How it works

How Apache Isis builds a webapp from the underlying domain object model

See common use cases

This screencast is for Isis v1.1.0 (ie somewhat out of date)
Todo (quickstart) app walkthrough

A run-through of the main features of the todo application generated by the Apache Isis quickstart archetype

Learn how to generate this app here
Quickstart Archetype

How to use the Apache Isis quickstart archetype to generate your first Apache Isis application

Learn how to use the quickstart archetype here

Development Environment

Setting up Eclipse

How to import an Apache Isis maven-based application into Eclipse and configure to use with the JDO Objectstore

NB: when configuring DataNucleus for the dom project, make sure you are in the 'Java perspective', not the 'Java EE perspective').

Learn more here
Setting up IntelliJ

How to import an Apache Isis maven-based application into IntelliJ and run the app.

Learn more here

Wicket Viewer

Dynamic layouts in the Wicket viewer

How to layout properties and collections dynamically

Learn more here
Bulk updates in Isis

Using the isis-module-excel module (in Isis Add-ons and view models to perform bulk updates).

See also the github repo
Customizing the Wicket viewer

How to customize the Wicket viewer, integrating the isis-module-gmap3 google maps extension (in Isis Add-ons).

See also the github repo

Restful Objects Viewer

Using Chrome Tools

Interacting with the REST API using Chrome Plugins

Learn more here

Domain Services

Commands, Auditing, Publishing

A run-through of the command (profiling) service, auditing service, publishing service. Also shows how commands can be run in the background either explicitly by scheduling through the background service or implicitly by way of a framework annotation.

See also the Command context domain service page


Maven and JRebel

Develop your app without having to redeploy using JRebel and an Isis plugin for JRebel.

See also here
Eclipse and JRebel

See also here
IntelliJ and JRebel

See also here

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