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The default JVM configuration will most likely not be appropriate for running Isis as a webapp. Some args that you will

Flag Description
‑server Run the JVM in server mode, meaning that the JVM should spend more time on the optimization of the fragments of codes that are most often used (hotspots). This leads to better performance at the price of a higher overhead at startup
‑Xms128m Minimum heap size
‑Xmx768m Maximum heap size
‑XX:PermSize=64m Minimum perm size (for class definitions)
‑XX:MaxPermSize=256m Maximum perm size (for class definitions)
‑XX:+DisableExplicitGC Causes any explicit calls to System.gc() to be ignored. See this stackoverflow question.

There are also a whole bunch of GC-related flags, that you might want to explore; see this detailed Hotspot JVM documentation and also this blog post.

Configuring in Tomcat

If using Tomcat, update the CATALINA_OPTS variable.

This variable is also updated if configuring logging to run externally.