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In 1.6.0 this implementation was released as part of org.apache.isis.core:isis-module-devutils-jdo:1.6.0 and was also released as an Isis addon module. In 1.7.0+ only the Isis addon implementation is released.

The DeveloperUtilitiesService service provides a number of development-time utilities, mostly related to accessing/interacting with the Isis metamodel. These are visible in the UI, either as menu actions or as contributed actions. All actions are annotated with @Prototype, so are suppressed in production mode.


The API defined by DeveloperUtilitiesService (some annotations omitted) is:

public interface DeveloperUtilitiesService {

    public Clob downloadMetaModel();

    public Blob downloadLayouts();

    public void refreshServices();

    public Clob downloadLayout(Object domainObject);

    @Deprecated // as of 1.4.0
    @Hidden     // as of 1.4.0
    public Object refreshLayout(Object domainObject);


The refreshLayout() (which rebuild the Isis metamodel of the current object so that the UI refreshes) has been deprecated and hidden; the Wicket viewer) (when running in prototype mode) now automatically does this does this.


The core framework provides a default implementation of this API:

Register the Service

The service is registered, like any other, in,\