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Apache Isis has two public mailing lists.

Table 1. Table caption
Mailing list Email Mail archives Subscribe



Pony mail




Pony mail


The Markmail archives span both our current (TLP) mailing lists and also our original mailing lists while in the Apache incubator; the ASF archives span just our TLP mailing lists.

How to subscribe

To subscribe to the users mailing list:

  • send a blank email to users-subscribe@isis.apache.org

  • You’ll then get back a confirmation email.

  • To confirm, all you generally need to do is to send a blank reply (there are more detailed instructions inside that confirmation mail if that doesn’t work)

Then, to ask questions, simply mail to users@isis.apache.org (nb: no -subscribe suffix this time).

If you ever want to unsubscribe, then you can send a mail to the users-unsubscribe email address.

Mailing list etiquette

Just a couple of rules/suggestions:

  • if you are referencing links, then in the body of the mail, number then [1], [2], [3] etc and then list them at the end.

  • reply to a previous post in the interleaved style (adding your replies in-line). Try not to top-post.

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