This page provides user/config guides for each of the main components of the frameworks (viewer, object store and security).



The framework provides two viewers that will automatically render the domain objects in your application into the presentation layer:


The Security Guide describes how to configure each of the various security implementations that integrate with Apache Isis.


The framework allows domain entities to be persisted using the JDO/DataNucleus object store, for use with the JDO API.

Alternatively, if you restrict yourself to view models then these can be persisted with any data persistence technology that is supported by Spring Boot.


The Extensions Catalog describes a number of extensions for the various components of the framework itself.

For example, the "Excel Download" extension allows collections to be downloaded as an Excel .xlsx spreadsheet in the Wicket viewer.

As well as the current extensions, the Incubator has additional extensions that may end up graduating to the extensions catalog, while the Legacy Catalog may contain extensions that have been deprecated and are on the way out.