Included with the framework are several catalogues/libraries:

  • Subdomain Libraries

    Libraries and utilities to be called by the domain logic of the Apache Isis application itself.

  • Value Type Catalog

    Implementations of various value types, eg Markdown. Each will have an applib submodule (for use within the domain logic) as well as various extension modules to be made available to the framework itself (to teach it how to persist or render the value type).

  • BC Mapping Libraries

    Libraries and utilities for bounded context (BC) mappings. In other words, tools to help integrating system together.

There are two further catalogues:

  • Incubator

    Functionality that is experimental or unstable, but which may end up graduating to one of the library catalogues listed above, or to the extensions catalogue.

  • Legacy

    Functionality that has been deprecated or has become defunct, and which is likely to be removed in future versions.