The FixtureScripts service provides the ability to execute fixture scripts.

The default implementation of this service, FixtureScriptsDefault, uses the associated FixtureScriptsSpecificationProvider to obtain a FixtureScriptsSpecification. This configures this service, for example telling it which package to search for FixtureScript classes, how to execute those classes, and hints that influence the UI.


The API for the service is:

public abstract class FixtureScripts ... {
    public List<FixtureResult> runFixtureScript(
        FixtureScript fixtureScript,
        String parameters) { /* ... */ }


The default implementation is

Configuration Properties

The default implementation of this domain service supports the following configuration properties:

Table 1. Core Configuration Properties for Fixture Events
Property Value
(default value)



Whether fixture FixturesInstallingEvent and FixturesInstalledEvent events should be posted while the system is bootstrapping.

Fixture events are fired to indicate the start and end of fixtures are being installed. This are listened to by the QueryResultsCache to disable caching during this period.

The default implementation of this domain service interacts with FixtureScriptsSpecificationProvider.